Parkinson's Peloton Route

Parkinson’s Peloton (37k)

Following the 50k route out to N 95th Street, the Parkinson’s Peloton route followed the 50k riders to North 95th street, peeling off at the intersection to go north. It enjoyed smooth roads through Niwot, up the three sisters hill, and back to Boulder Beer Company on Pearl Parkway.

The Parkinson’s Peloton was sponsored by Trek bicycles - who offered complimentary daily rentals of their Super Commuter +8s ebikes to around 20 riders living with Parkinson’s! Riders also enjoyed a sponsored rest stop at Whistle Stop Park with hydration from sponsors Skratch Labs and bike repairs from sponsor The Bicycle Shack.

Challenge Route (50k)

Continuing into Erie after N 95th Street, the Challenge route split from the Parkinson’s Peloton for an adventure to the Boulder Valley Velodrome for a quick snack and rest stop. It climbed out of Erie on smooth roads, joining back with the Parkinson’s Peloton through Niwot and up the three sisters hill, ending at Boulder Beer Company through Pearl Parkway.

The Boulder Valley Velodrome rest stop featured hydration from sponsors Skratch Labs, along with encouragement from the Boulder Valley Velodrome itself.

50k Challenge Route

100k Advanced Route

Advanced Route (100k)

Continuing after the Niwot rest stop, the Advanced route rode on through Hygiene and the edge of Lyons. It gave riders the option of rest and rehydration at sponsors Hygiene United Methodist Church along with hydration sponsors Skratch Labs, before returning back to Niwot via the three sisters hill, a quick left to N 95th Street, and back to Boulder Beer Co. by way of Pearl Parkway.