About the Route

50k Challenge Ride

The perfect riding distance. Quite possibly a natural, innate activity for humans — get on a bike, pedal away at 60 RPM and in a couple of hours, you’ve gone 50K. I know, right! Create a team of family, friends, and/or coworkers and be a huge part of helping that someone you know with Parkinson’s.

Funny thing is, pedaling is therapeutic for people with Parkinson’s. Its amazing to see someone struggling with tremor hop on a bike and ride like the wind. In fact, it was at the RAGBRAI in 2003 that Dr Jay Alberts discovered the connection between pedaling and Parkinson’s disease. Clinical studies have shown improvements in motor function as much as 35%!

There are three Aid Stations featuring great music, snacks and beverages to recharge, regroup or just relax for a few hours with friends!